Category : Rebranding,Marketing  
Date :10 Mar, 2018
Client :Lazdai – lazdaipeduli Lembaga Amil Zakat Dompet Amal Insani (LAZDAI)

The Amil Zakat Dompet Amal Insani Institution (LAZDAI) is an official amil zakat institution under the auspices of the LAZDAI LAMPUNG.

Foundation which is engaged in social education and da’wah with a focus on empowering charity, infaq, and alms collected from donors and corporate.

Since 2001, it has been dedicated to Indonesia, especially for the people of Lampung by sharing its superior programs to create a more independent Lampung society.

The trusts of the donors of ZISWAF, God willing, have been fulfilled to the needy in need in various regions, especially in Lampung Province.